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Easy Webinar Software Review: Increase Leads & Sales

Nowadays, the business world is becoming even more complex. With the challenges and the unstable market conditions, every businesses owner needs to think of valuable business strategies to expand their market reach and offer their services to a larger audience. One of the most profitable business strategies that  many companies are leveraging to achieve their business goals (online at least) is to host webinars. Webinars have proven effective as an immediate sales tool, while also helping build thriving online communities around your brand.

A lot of people prefer to pre-record their webinars and then have them setup on an automated schedule. This can give the appearance that a lot of people are in attendance when in reality there are very few, or sometimes even only one person actually watching and fully engaged by what your presenting. There is other software on the market such as GoToWebinar, but the cost is substantially greater than Easy Webinar, and the features are in many ways lacking.  Comparatively speaking, Easy Webinar is about 1/10th of the cost and the feature set is right on par with the most expensive webinar software out there. So why waste time and money if you don’t have to?

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Create Stellar Presentations With Easy Webinar

With the Easy Webinar Software, you can now make a complete lead generation system that will help you reach your business goals. Whether you want to teach a live audience, hype up your products and services or build a booming online community, you have the freedom to do it all with Easy Webinar Software. You can use existing slideshows and presentations, or you can just present using your desktop. If you go online and read the many available Easy Webinar software reviews, you will know that this is the best webinar software money can buy (cost/feature comparison), that’s sure to benefit your business.

Create Live & Automated Webinar Events

One review of Easy Webinar software pointed out that this uses the power of Google Hangouts’  to deliver you dynamic live events that are streamed in HD quality. This innovative software enables you create unlimited events, host them as a one-on-one presentation (GoToMeeting style) for actively presenting and selling to your clients and new prospects, or have them setup on an automated interval, hype up the next webinars via email to any recent leads (as part of your lead nurturing process) and place your call-to-actions throughout the webinar presentations to literally build a profit monster on auto-pilot. The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure, if you aren’t currently using webinars as part of your sales funnel, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Easy Webinar Software, in my opinion, is the best webinar software on the market. With the ability to upload an existing presentation or create one right inside the solution, it’s totally flexible in regards to how it’s used, and that’s what stood out the most initially. Being able to stream any pre-recorded event in real time is probably the most powerful marketing feature any marketing software could have. You can also host live events and record the events and it will automatically convert the webinar presentation into an saved event or evergreen with just a few button clicks. This allows you to generate more leads and sales through the great power of automation. A lot of people use this feature to remove the need for having to present the same presentation over and over again. It’s usually a good idea to still set in on the presentation to answer any questions in real-time, this has proven to have a higher conversion rate than just letting them stream on autopilot with no live Q&A to follow.

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Easy Webinar is 100% Responsive & Adaptive (Mobile Friendly Webinars)

If you want to reach a larger audience, the last thing you need is to be handicapped by your webinar platform. Easy Webinar is fully responsive and adaptive making it 100% friendly to any browser or device. This assures everyone who goes to access your webinar can see and hear everything with no conflicts.

Many people are now browsing the web with the use of smaller screens. Some estimates that over 50% of all internet traffic are now on mobile devices. In this day and age it’s reallynot a good practice to expect people to go to a computer to watch a presentation. This is especially true with business folks who are constantly on the go. Business professionals increasingly prefer more handy devices, and the good news is: Easy Webinar is accessible regardless of their device or browser restrictions.

Easy Webinar Software Review

Valuable Features of Easy Webinar Software

Easy Webinar Software comes with tons of great features. Hosting events is now much faster and simpler with this state-of-the-art sales tool.  Some of the great features include:

Custom Page Builder: Customizing your event pages is now possible with the use of this software. Now, you have complete control over your event pages. You can quickly and easily change the text, images and colors to match your existing website or brand. Alternatively you can just use its default settings and build your pages even faster. There are a lot of pre-designed layouts that provided a professional look and feel to your presentations. You can customize every layout, and that’s important.

Exceptional Analytics System: If you want to know your audience, it is always possible with the webinar analytic system that will track all your registrants through the entire event process. Easy Webinar Software’s analytics system effectively tracks everything from registration to attendance, as well as any actions your users perform in between and during the presentations. With the anwill get the data that you want. You can monitor your users and determine your hottest prospects. You can also download your needed date and then place it in your CRM system.

Simple Dashboard: The Dashboard / Admin Area is pretty straight forward and very easy to use. The entire process of getting setup and using Easy Webinar is indeed very easy!

Easy Webinar Software

Whether you are considering using webinars as a sales and marketing tool,  or you already use webinars but are looking for more control and flexibility (while saving quite a bit of money over the leading competitors) then Easy Webinar Software is hands down the right choice.  Every business and marketing professional can benefit from this amazing webinar software. I wrote this article to help people discover the best things about  the solution from an honest Easy Webinar review, I truly believe everyone can benefit from this powerful tool.

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