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Web Development & SEO Project:

For the past couple of months we’ve been working with over 70 of Florida’s most established and prominent home builders. My goal was to create an online resource for people searching to buy a new home in Florida, and get all the pre-build models, builder information and local area information in one convenient location. With, I’ve done just that!

SEO has taken a huge turn for the better (in my opinion) in 2014.  Silo structures are now essential to ranking a website in Google’s organic index. For those who aren’t already aware of the benefit of silos, or what silos are, I’ll explain in as few words as possible. Silos are a way of organizing your content by the topic area. Think of it like fragmentation on a hard drive, data is clustered everywhere and PC performance starts to fall behind. When you defrag, the data is properly structured and organized, thereby making your computer run smoother.  Silos are the same concept, but applied to a website content structure. In the case of the new florida homes website, there are four silo’s, these are Florida Cities, Florida Communities, Florida Builders and Florida Zip Codes.   So for an example of a builder level silo, the builders top level is, and a second level would be Grouping content based on relevancy has proven to have a monumental impact on organic SEO performance.

So, I started with a heavily optimized content structure, and then I added over 12,000 new home models and move-in ready listings from over 70 Florida home builders. To get immediate authority to each of these 3rd level home model (listing pages), I purchased a plugin called SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster) which automates the syndication of our listings to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. So at a random interval, each listing will be syndicated to each of the integrated social networks. SNAP Pro is well worth the investment, it saves you endless amounts of time managing the social profiles and builds authority links on autopilot.

Ten thousand authority links from the top 4 social networks was a good start, but to guarantee the site developed organic rankings quickly and for the long-term, I wanted to also create videos for each of the properties and automatically syndicate them to YouTube, Vimeo and MetaCafe. So, I created a server side script which creates a slideshow video for each property, assigns one of 8 royalty free music tracks, adds a custom intro graphic and outro graphic and then saves each video as a flv file on the server. Then, I have an hourly cron job which uploads the videos automatically to the third party video sites. While sites like YouTube only offer no-follow links from their actual video descriptions, videos are still significantly easier to get ranking in Google than a normal webpage, so this is a winning strategy either way.

So far, around 45 days after the site has been completed, the site is already ranking for over 300 keywords, and are gaining traction daily. I anticipate within 12 months, this site will be in the top 3 positions of Google, Bing and Yahoo for every search phrase related to any home builder or new home community in the state of Florida. I’ve got 33 days left of guaranteed freedom, with this time I’ve got left I’m developing a WordPress plugin and finishing a lead generation directory for law firms. More on that later.

Written by Justin Smith

Justin Smith is a proud libertarian who wants to get this corrupt government out of our lives. From 9-6 he's an internet marketing and web development consultant, best known as the creator of In his free time he's always finding a way to give back, having co-founded, a healthy homes initiative, and educating youth on the dangers and harms of drug addiction via

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